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What's good Boston?! It's been a minute since we chopped it up about what Boston creatives are cooking up but the wait is over. We got a chance to sit down with THE bassist, Brady Watt to discuss his beginnings as a bassist, his come up, Bass & Bars, and so much more This Is For Boston.

What was Nashua like for you growing up? Is there still a bit of a punk scene out there? Growing up in Nashua was great. It was a pretty diverse place and a lot of talent there. Most of it doesn’t see the light of day but it is very much there. There was a punk scene, and my band was rocking pretty big shows around New England by the time I was 14. Dunno if that’s still happening, but I’d imagine it is in some incarnation. Punk really handed the baton to Hip-Hop back then though, in my opinion. That energy lives on in different genres. Was music big in your household, and if so, what were some records that stood out?   What’s your earliest musical memory?

My parents weren’t musicians, and didn’t push me to play at all. They listened to great music, and I really took it in. My Dad was into really dope shit like Steely Dan, EWF, Tower Of Power, etc... My stepmom is very hip, into all types of music she knows her stuff, and put me on to a lot of world music since a young age. What prompted your move to NYC, and what was it like getting into the scene down there? 

I moved to NY right out of college. It was really hard TBH. Same year I moved to NY the bank took my family’s house, I didn't have shit. I was living in the hood, and had to play to eat & put a roof over my head. I had to really level up in order to survive. It’s the best musicians in the world and cats that don’t wanna let you in. You gotta beat everyone, it is no fuckin' joke. Rather than choose defeat, I went into psycho mode and went hard for yeeeears! Once I started rocking with all these big rappers and doing big albums people changed their tune, you know how that goes. Did that lead to you collaborating with DJ Premier? I met Premier through one of his interns, not even through my reputation in the industry. We just hit it off, talked bass for like an hour and a year or two later he hit me up. We did a Japan run and the rest is history. Him, and (my manager) Ian, peeped my work ethic and talent and decided to take me on as an artist on the label.

How did Bass & Bars come about?

Man! Bass & Bars was suggested by my manager, Ian Schwartzman. We needed a way to really break down to people what it is that I do. I was dropping a lot of music, but was having a hard time catching on and needed to really spell shit out for people. After dropping the first one, I knew it was gonna take off. Simplest and most effective idea I ever put into motion.

How was it working on the Cousin Stizz album, and have you worked together prior to this record? Me and Stizz been friends for about 4 years, and have been meaning to collab for a long time now and made it happen. I did all those recordings in one day, honestly in one take too, from what I remember.

What are some early-stage career tips you have for musicians and producers? Gotta put in the hours! There’s just no way around it. For me, I’m glad I took all the years of developing my music skills before producing too. Got real serious on the music end of things then dialed in the computer stuff.  Also please remember you are one of one! It’s your most important asset. What should we look out for in the near future? 2020 major touring, records, and Bass & Bars ain't gonna stop. We been workin on my live show last couple months it’s comin' out crazy. It’s me and my drummer Lenny The Ox from Brooklyn. Debut sold out shows next week at the Roxy in LA we bout to get busy.

You can check out Brady Watt's Bass & Bars series here

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