• Yordani Awono


CAEV has shared a plethora of sonic transformations with his fans, from gutta rage anthem “Tank E”, to the instant classic vibe record - “Say Yes ft. Barrington Elect”. His latest offering, “Lies”, is one of CAEV’s most transparent records to date, allowing the listener an intimate look into his lifestyle. It seems that he’s finally found a girl that wants to hold it down, but he can’t seem to shake his old ways. Her feelings are crystal clear in the hook line - “She said she told me baby no more lies”. CAEV re-asserts his faithfulness saying “These h**s around me they don’t know your name / these h**s around me do nothing like you”. Here re-iterating that she’s not like the others, and he needs no second opinion.

Contradicting this intention, he’s out f****ed up again off molly in the club, still pulling up on females. Savagery is a way of life, and CAEV is accepting that although now, sees what it can cost him. Knowing the game he’s playing, CAEV is prepared for rejection and fatal attention saying “if she try to curve me, I’m servin' it to her friend tum If these n*****s gon’ try me, go on try me I came equipped”. In the second verse, he fights to get her back after during their latest quarrel in the lines “She caught me being a flirt, don’t mean to hurt you / you wanna give me the world and I don’t deserve you ”. The song ends with CAEV almost seemingly hitting a wall, leaving his girl with the ball in her court – can she look past the his mistakes to see CAEV’s truth?

Lies” is driven conceptually by his love interests, nuwave style, and haters. Openly sharing the pain and pleasure that comes with each. He attempts to explain the temptations he succumbs to throughout the song, but to no avail, as he finds himself pleading to his love once more. Another critical piece of his growing catalogue, We can’t wait to see where his next adventure lies (pun intended) and experience his growth.


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